I think I’m a Charlie Brown adult Character WAHWAAHWAAH

I think of myself as a morning person… I do… Of course after my coffee. We are not being crazy or anything. But I’m a morning person.  

Not so much meaning I like the mornings, but I’m more likely to be up early than up late. My favorite time is like between 4:30-5:30 am… Heaven. I am the only one awake the house is quite and awwwww…. Heaven!!! 

Well this morning was one of those morning s that started off just off… First I woke up at 6:am late late for me. So puts me in rush mode. William is on such a schedule he does the same thing the same time. Starting at 5:30am tub time. So. We were off. Which put him in an I don’t give an eff. And refused to do anything. I can ask over and over, then raise my voice,  then yell and he just looked at me like I was speaking a different language.  

It’s already hard enough to get him ready… Then of course the bus was early..::. Of course it was!!! I hate when the bus just sits out there. Plus if it is there too long it will just leave. 

Bus is there sooo early 7:10 am well today 7:03… But…. It’s early. But got William off to school. 

Did some dishes, Finished some more coffee… Yes this morning was a more than a potful day… It was needed!!! 

Then realized it was 7:45am Coop leaved at 8:15 to go catch his bus. Had to wake him up. He was like in slowwwww motion too! Mom get me this mom do this!!!! Not listening either. I felt like all Morning I was like a Charlie Brown adult character. All my kids heard was WAHWAAHWAAHAHWAWAHWA

 Honestly it’s the only thing that makes sense. They just don’t understand what I am saying!!! 
Tomorrow tomorrow please… Haha!


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