Photo Studio Deluxe

Yes I’m still finishing up my March Vegas blogs… 

There’s this really cool photo booth.  Face Place Photo Studio Deluxe.  

From Apple Industries. It is one of the games Billys interested in getting. It’s a really neat photo booth. Different than any other. Big, bright, inviting. Definitely an attraction piece. The Photo Studio Deluxe is the first-ever “interactive group photo booth.” 

At the AMOA Amusement Expo it’s pretty cool. Billy of course is working, networking and everything for work. But we get to play all the game and how cool is that. Cooper would LOVE it! Playing video and arcade games for  free all day for days. A kids dream. 

So Billy was working and deciding which new games he’s going to bring to the Atlantis and all the sudden. Ohh look it’s Gene Simmons… Yep Gene Simmons from Kiss.  

Face Place had him there promoting the photo booth.  Since there is a Kiss section. 

  He was taking pictures with ppl in the booth. Then out of the booth. Which was going faster to get thru ppl. There was quite a crowd. He was saying ‘Click and shoot click and shoot’. 
 This lady asked him to stick out his tongue for a picture. He said ‘They didn’t pay me for that’  So pretty much he has an appearance fee and his tongue has a seperate appearance fee. Can you believe that?!? Just thought that was pretty crazy. Must be true thou cause he said it and didn’t  stick his tongue out. 


And I even got a picture! Was pretty coo. He also was signing the photo booth flyers. I didn’t get an autograph. Was happy with the pic. Was a neat experience. Always awesome when you get to meet a celebrity. 

It is a pretty awesome photo booth too. Definitely think it’s something different that the Atlantis likes. 


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