Venetian Butterflies

There are these beautiful Butterflies between the Palazzo and Venetian Hotels in Las Vegas. A display that was built by someone Billy is getting a ride for the Atlantis from. So of course we had to go check them out. Definitely beautiful and cool that that they were built and installed by someone Billy knows.  


 So beautiful!   

All made of glass and really can’t say just how beautiful they really are. 


The Venetian and the Palazzo are welcoming the arrival of warmer weather in their Waterfall & Atrium Gardens with a 1,000 pound, hand-painted butterfly with an incredible 25-foot wing-span. Making up the gigantic spring display are nearly 5,000 plant materials including Bird Nest ferns, Calindiva, Hyacinth, daisies and Echeverias and Bromeliads all in vibrant oranges, lime greens, hot pinks and yellows. In addition, more than 50 oversized custom-made six and four-foot magnolias and 25 butterflies surround the Waterfall & Atrium Gardens.

The display is so incredible, BizBash Media named Dana Beatty, director of floral and horticulture at The Venetian and The Palazzo, to its list of the 66 most innovative people in the event industry in the magazine’s “Innovation Issue”.

You get a chance to go check this out I highly Recommend you do. Beautiful. Pictures don’t do it justice either. 


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