JetBuzz 360

Atlantis Reno’s Fun Center got a JetBuzz 360. 

JetBuzz 360 the first and the only 360 degree rotating Open-Capsule motion simulator available on the market. This fully interactive two-seat motion platform that offers a unique “7-D” experience by adding 3D HD visuals, wind and lightning effects combined with a 360-degrees bi-directional motions.

It opened to the public last Friday at 2pm. Coop got to ride it Thursday after Billy and the installers finished installing. Loved it of course. 

It’s definitely something you should check out!! 

Kids… Adults…. Everyone…..

Saturday (cause of course it was Billys day off and he was at work) Cooper even got William on it.

It’s cool because one side controls the driving and the other side the shooting and all that. So when William was on Coop didn’t do any flips or anything just really make it right for William. He started a bit scared but loved it!! Said he was big boy like brother. Really cool. Really touches my heart how much Wiilism looks up to Cooper and wants to be like him. Cute. Big brother – little brother . But in reverse. Love it!!

But the neat thing with this JetBuzz  it can be Autistic friendly!! Love love it!!! 


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