Where is time going?!?! Like really!!

I can’t believe it’s June and pretty much the middle of June. I have been so damn busy. Sooo much has gone on. That I don’t even feel like I can breath! 

Yesterday when Billy and the boys were at his parents setting up the pool. Billy said you don’t really have anything to do just go home and have a nothing day. (I do have like eighty million things to do but….) I came home and took a nap. And man ohh man how nice was that! 

Not feeling good on top of been stessed and sooo busy is taking its toll. I keep saying I need at least 4 more hours in everyday and and extra day a week. But you know what….. I’d still need more time. There’s never enough time!!

I know I put a lot on my plate way way to much. But it keep my mind distracted. Keep me distracted and I don’t think about the crazy bad stuff. Cause geez a lot of crazy bad stuff happens. Don’t get me wrong a lot of good great stuff happens as well . But man life!! Ups and way wayyy more downs :/ I do try  to stay off social media with all the downs. Hate being so negative. Also have just been so damn busy to be on as well. I only blogged once in May. May really just flew. With Coop soo busy with Acting/Modeling getting ready for Industry Network. Planning my butt off for the best surprise party ever. Still shocked we kept it a surprise. In-laws 40th turned out amazing. Week long trip to Durango. For my sisters graduation. Williams appointments in Stanford. All with being sick!

Like I said busy busy. 

Well, I’ve got lots of blogging and making up to do. 

Let’s see if I can get a lil back on track with time. Even thou I’ve got eighty million things to do. I def feel better after I blog. 


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