Spring Beautycon box Grav3yardgirl

Yes I am behind… On life…. Not just on opening Beautycon boxes. Trust me. BEHIND ON LIFE. But…. Last week I got my Summer Beautycon box and realized I hadn’t even opened the Spring box. The even reason I ordered the Beautycon subscription boxes to begin with. Bunny! Grav3yardgirl. 

Yep I can admit it. The reason was because the box was put together by Bunny herself. She designed and picked out everything that was included in the box. It was definitly something I wanted and needed in my life. Really cool cute things included. 

Got the box in the middle of April and there it sat. Haven’t even had the time to open and look. Which sucks I hadn’t even had time for that :/ Well last Thursady which now is the middle of June the Summer box has come. I NEED ta just sit down and make the time. I mean I want to 🙂 

So here’s all the fun goodies from the Bunny box the Spring box. And hope to get to the Summer one today as well. No no… Not hope to I frinkin will!!!

Yayy!!! Spring Beautycon box

Sooo much sooo awesome!!! 

Mad at myself for having it sit here for two months but excited to now have everything. And I have another box to open. 

If you are interested in a subscription box Beautycon it pretty cool I mean look at ALL that came in one box! You get one each season. If you order the subscription or you can just order one box at a time. It was something like $90 for the year so for 4. Or $30 something each box.  

I must say everything that Bunny is involved with and or puts her name on is amazing. (You don’t know who Bunny / Gra3yardgirl is… First off you are crazy and we can’t talk but… She is a YouTuber. And a freaking awesome YouTuber at that. Completely real and just….. Real true person! )

Alright alright I best get to gettin. I do have another box to open. 


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