Exciting things are happening in LA!!!

Exciting things are happening for Cooper and I will do anything in my power to help them along the way!!! 

–We will just start at the beginning, well sorta haha and work our way to this week. (Sometimes I’m slow I’m sorry) I will try and blog each individual amazingness. We will see how my time will allow….. I mean there are probably Pokemon in LA I don’t have right?!?! Hehe …. Kidding kidding ( kinda) Ha!!–

Okay so, Coop got accepted to Industry Network. A National Competition in LA. In Acting and Modeling. Him and all I he other students that were accepted worked their butts off for month. He loved it! He really love acting. Yes needs to work on his reading but memorize and deliver a scene amazing. And yes FAMILY his hair is this way for a reason! Haha. At the end of June was The Industy Network weekend. He killed the weekend!!! I mean I couldn’t be any prouder. In the 7 categories he was in he placed top 10 in 6. 3rd up in 1 and Runner up in 3. Flippin runner up to model of the year!!! My baby boy, my boy, my super star… My young man! The absolute best part is that he got so many agencies and management callbacks. People that see something in him people that can make him go far in life, in the career that he has chosen. And believe me we don’t push him to do any of this. This is something he truly wants. The only thing I can say we push him to do is be a strong independent person that works for what they what. Like I said I couldn’t be any prouder! 

Thank you Tiffany. Cooper will anyway remember the IN weekend and how it had started opening doors. 

And the biggest thank you to Take 2 Performers Studio without Justine, Lorette, and Waters believing in Cooper he really wouldn’t be anywhere. Taking Classes at Take 2 has transformed Cooper into a confidence amazing young man that we all are really are going to be seeing a lot more of. Just the difference in the last year in him is amazing. He is confident, he believes in himself and he wants this! And that’s because you you all!!!

And with that it comes to today…. We are off to LA again today. We have a meeting with the agency that we feel is a true fit for Cooper. We are signing with a manger that I just know is perfect to manage him. And he was invited to take an acting class at the Los Angeles Center Studios and have a photo shoot with an LA photographer. 

WOW WOW WOW can I just say WOW!!

Exciting things are happening for sure!


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