Los Angeles Center Studios

In LA we are….. 

Cooper got invited to the Los Angeles Center Studios Today. We will get a tour of the studios and Cooper will be taking an acting class here in LA. Plus plus a photo shoot. 

The Los Angeles Center Studios is where so many movies, tv shows, and music videos are filmed. It’s gonna be an experience in its own just got go and be there. And Cooper is going to take a class and have a photo shoot. Exciting exciting for sure. 

Los Angeles Center Studios is where ‘NSync filmed “It’s gonna be me”. Mr. & Mrs. Smith was filmed. 50 First Dates was filmed. And recent The tv show Girl Meets World. Plus sooo many more. Really pretty cool. The tour alone is going to be cool. We were told you never know who you will see on the elevators or what show is currently being taped. 

So of course I will be taking as many pics as I can. Duhh it’s me. But as I can is the key. It’s going to be a really fun cool experience. And my kid just gets invited, soo cool. He thinks he’s cool because we all can’t go with out him. Without his name and clearance. Already…. It is starting haha. 


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