Ohh busy life hello there

Ohh yes yesss life doesn’t seem to give me a break! The busiest ever…. And I have the busiest 11year old EVER! I swear this kid has me running. 

I love blogging. I love just getting the everything out of my head. Truly feel better when I do. And EVERYTIME I tell myself I will blog more, I need to blog more, life just happens. I has been almost 2 darn months since my last blog. I have started about a half dozen since just never the time to finish. I need to make the time! I have to! So the 2 month ago blog was while we were in LA. I think we have been back twice since. And supposed to be back this weekend but think I have to cancel and reschedule everything!  Darn it!!!! 

A week ago Saturday night, William had seizures all nite as he does a lot! Well he fell…. Sunday he wasn’t able to move his left arm at all. When Billy got home we had to bring him to the emergency room. I’ve never had the X-ray tech say ‘ohh yeah there’s the break there’s the fracture’ Billy even got to see it on the machine. Soooo William is broken! The Humorus bone. They can’t cast the shoulder so he’s in a sling type thing. The Ortho Doctor to me to just control the seizures. What!!! If I could control the seizures he wouldn’t even be in this situation. Because he had a seizure and fell!  I know he’s not a Neruo Doctor and everything but come on! If we could control the seizures I think we would have 14 effing years ago!  He wouldn’t need yet another brain surgery and everything!!!! Ohhhh man that just ticked me off!!! Anyways for at least 2 weeks he has to not move his arm AT ALL! This is soo hard. He doesn’t understand. And he hurts like hell! If he moves it it might mess it up even more and he’ll have to have surgery and have it pinned. To make things worse he is left handed. Boy can’t do anything with his right hand!!!! So I’m just trying to keep him down, the pain under control and fingers are crossed he doesn’t have a seizure. There is no control over his body at all during a seizure!!! 

Well that just put a stop to a long I’ve had going on! William is home with me at least for these two weeks then we shall see. 

Coop still has football 3 times a week plus games on Saturdays. Acting every Wednesday. Modeling every other Sunday. And Tuesday’s if we can swing it. He was just in Idols & Icons again this year. So there was rehearsals everyday (that we could make it) the Dear George screening was a few weeks back. And other one Oct 12th. He starts filming Destiny Oct 9th. A fashion show on Oct 15th….. And that’s just the last few weeks and next few. This kids busy!!!! And I have my Pretty n Ink Oct 1st…

And he’s supposed to be in LA this weekend. But I just don’t think we can make it happen. Dunno if William can take it in the car all the way there and back. Plus Coop has pictures. Yikes yikes yikes…… 

Really hope I can make the time to blog more. Definitely wanna. Just need ta make the time. I can I can!!!! 

Ohh life!


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