The Wine Rack

The Wine Rack! How am I just finding out about this?!?!

The description says; Now you can drink what you want, when you want, with no hassles and for less money.  

On the packaging it says; Cheap alternative to a boob job, and way more fun!

Hummmm….. What!!! Haha.

It’s a ‘comfortable’ sports bra that holds up to 25 ounces. Which is like…

20 shots

2.1 beers


1 bottle of wine!

When you have drank everything from your boobs, you can blow into the tube and reinflate… yeah…. that’s right! Haha

Size small fits 32A-34B. Size medium fits 34C-38C.  Meaning it wouldn’t fit my big ole boobs. Boooo…… 

on Amazon it is $29.99 Prime

-On a side note I love Amazon Prime. I couldn’t live without it!!! I should do a blog of my must haves my holy grails if you will–

How have I never heard of this before now?!?! Amazon says the date it was first available was September 12th 2008. Eight years! I had no clue it was anything until I saw a Lisa Schwartz YouTube video lisbug

I had to look it up after I saw her video I just had to! Freaking hilarious. It’s made by beerbelly. So a beer belly same type a thing. The things ppl make these days geez!! Haha


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