Happy Happy National Vodka Day

Vodka Vodka Ohh how I  love thee let me count the ways…..

From these National Days that we do not even really know why they are National days, but is definitely one of my favorites because hummmm Vodka because hummmm Vodka!

October 4th has been well documented as National vodka day for reasons no one really knows. Haha. But I will take it!!

The work vodka stems from the Russian word, voda, which means water. Rarely consumed outside of Europe before the Second World War. Vidka would eventually draw many hard liquor fans with its flavorless and versatile appeal.

The birthdate of vodka is pegged at around the 12th century, made for medical purposes initially. By the 1600s it was custom to drink vodka at Russian Imperial Banquets. Where all meals started with bread and vodka. People believed the drink held its own spirit and it was used at religious ceremonies and events. A vessel sometimes containing more than a gallon of vodka would be passed around and those who refused to drink would be concerned sinful. See I am right if you don’t drink vodka something is wrong with you.. hehe.. sinfullll..

Hard to believe vodka used to be virtually flavorless and ordorless. Within the last 5 year there has been 115 new flavors fusions added. I guess there is a list or something Distilled Spirits Council of the United States. And I could go to like every different vodka. But man!!! I don’t gots that time for that ish!! Really!!! There’s really such a wide wide assortment that is still growing probably as we speak. It’s crazy. I love vodka. Awesomely crazy. And then there’s so than are…. like why?!?! Makes you scratch your head and think what the?!?! Smoked Salmon? Bacon? I mean really no?!? Have you really ran out of flavors? 

I do have my favorite vodkas of course of course. Number one of all time no matter what Grey Goose!! I LOVE GREY GOOSE. No flavor just Goose just love! Love love. It’s so smooth. It’s just my favorite. Of course not the best vodka if so time it’s just my favorite. It is a higher end for sure. I do try some new vodkas here and there. I’m always down to try a new different vodka. Expecially if I hadn’t. I do have a blog coming up with a new vodka I recently tried Deep Eddy. Ohh ohh and a blog of my vodka collection coming soon too. I have a whole –I WILL– do by the end of the year blog list. My life shall be a tad more organized. Well this is a bit off the vodka topic. Kinda… but… not.. really… cause… it was about two upcoming vodka blogs…. eeekkkk okay okayyy okayyyy…….

Anddddd vodka….GO!

I just sooo happen to be wearing a Kinky Vodka shirt today soooo fitting.



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