And we are half way thru Fall Break

It’s half way thru Fall Break. Half way half way

William is finally asleep I can finally breath a little. Today has been… a day. But I will get to that in a bit!!!

Break really hasn’t been going by fast or slow. Which is…. I dunno…. haha. William has already been home with me the last 3 weeks because of his broken arm. So this week with him has been just another I guess. 

I am excited for them to get back to school next week thou. So I can get some shit done! Having William home, for a while he couldn’t go anywhere, couldn’t chance him moving his arm and everything. Now that he’s doing better I have to take him with, which is not the easiest sometimes, wait for Billy to have a day off/be home or set something up with the inlaws to be here with him. I truly am behind on a lot I need to get done. But but but still gotta half week to get thru.

Now back to this first half of Fall Break.

Of course busier than busy. But that’s life. Coops the busiest kid in America I swear. This kid!!!

Saturday 10/1- Cooper’s football game at Spanish Springs. It was a loss an very ugly one at that! But hey… 2pm game time and he always has to be there an hr an half early. So 12:30. William loves watching Coops games. I had my 4th annual Pretty in Ink at 5 Star. I will def a Pretty in Ink blog coming some. So much as always. The good , the bad, the tears. 

Sunday 10/2- Cooper’s modeling 8:30-11:30 Early early. He has class every other Sunday. He’s like their assistant kinda. He “knows” everything. Boys you don’t know everything haha. But they love that he always wants to go first and show right from wrong and get to show off really… After his class we played in Billys arcade for s bit. Nice getting out of the house with William a bit. @4 it was Waters birthday party. Coops acting coach. Amazing amazing woman that has taught Cooper sooo much. He is lucky to have such a truly great person to teach him to be who he wants to be. The difference she has made in his. He has been taking acting classes with her for 3 years now and the difference from 3 years ago then and now is amazing!!! Amazing!!! So we definitely had to go to her birthday party. It was a roast. It was supposed to be a PG roast but… no … no it wasn’t. It was brutal. Of course not as bad as a Comedy Central Roast but…. hahaha!!!! 

Monday 10/3- Cooper had two friends stay the night. Yes you heard me (2) friends!!! He hadn’t had a lot of ‘friend’ time lately sooo. He still had football practice. This was the first practice since William got hurt that him and I have been at practice. I missed going to practice. Ohhh man was it cold! I was so worried about bundling William up I spaced meeee…. slipped my flip flops on no socks in the freezing not all thinking. Booo for socks! I hate sock!!!! Coops friends disappeared! Billy had to go find them. All I was thinking was ‘what am I going to tell their mothers? ‘ Ohh boys… Other than that Lil thing they all were good. 

Tuesday 10/4- Coop went to Roller Kingdom with his friends. He said he was on his butt …a lot… haha. Said he had to relearn to skate. We don’t go skating often. And haven’t been in quite a while. American Horror Story Season 5 on Netflix started. Eeekkkkk…… so yeah! Gaga is in this season. And she’s pretty damn good. When I’m finished with the seasons I’ll do a review. It was definitely good Coop was out with his friends. It’s not at all appropriate for that kid! Hell no!! I watch some interesting tv I know it I admit it. But but my 11yr will not. Haha. Cooper had football practice again. Every Monday-Tuesday-Friday. I didn’t end up going. I still had a lot of work on the computer (still not finish– don’t think I ever will) couponing (I have fallen…. deeep down this black hole… I will be sharing. Yet another blog that willl be out soon soon) Cooper has been doing Vlogaween and I had to get his video out. Plus still still getting the Oct Schedule done! Eeekkk!!! But of course because I wasn’t there, at practice, Coop had an awesome practice. Never fails right. So is my life!

2:am- Today- And that’s when today started!

William started having seizures at 2am this morning. Man-o-man the seizures have been out of control the last month and a half. It’s so hard! It’s hard for me just helping him, dealing, and supporting and and and… yet William is actually going thru and us still just happy and smiley and just the strongest ever! I wanna be him when I grow up! You know, he can just careless about the little crap. Things I wish I could. Like I said in my instagram post this morning ‘ He can never catch a break– unless it’s his arm– ‘ awww my poor baby boy. So normally we bring Billy to work on Wednesdays because Coop has acting 4-6 and William and I go to mommas date. Then we only have one car and Billy drives us all works fabulous. But since Williams seizure activity hadn’t stopped by the time Billy went to work he just drove. We are gotten ready here in a bit to just bring him to acting and Billy will pick him up. I just rather William not have any seizures at momma date. Even thou they are wonderful. We go to Bistro Napa at the Atlantis and they are wonderful. William has had seizures there before and everything but. Just rather him not ya know. 

Alright sothat has been the first have of Fall Break! The second half is just as busy with just as much todo. Jam packed as our life is!! And I will blog it all. Do really feel better blogging all my blahhh… coming up the rest of Coops Vlogaween. Science Project. Vision Board. Acting. Auditions. Football. Filming. Movie. Ohh and I even think there’s more. 


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