October Schedule 

The busy O life!

Figured I needed a Big-o-Schedule where I can put everything! Cooper’s life alone is crazy busy. That on top of everything else is crazy. For some damn reason I can’t just press a pause button on life!!!  It just keep going. I was just really need to keep it all in one place where it’s usable for us all. 

It was just the hardest part because starting in October. Big calendars start of course the beginning of the year. Of course let’s not have something easy for me…. no no!! This is October!! There wasn’t even like one in clearance items. We went to Staples. Figured they’d have anything I’d need. Finally found this Post-it one. Looked about right. As close as I was gonna get, was gonna make it work. And only $5.99. Not to shabby. Great got it! Yeah wasn’t exactly what I wanted but made it work. 

First it’s a M-Sun a lil different to get used to. And it’s supposed to be a different persons weekly schedule not a monthly. But I made it a monthly. I made it work. 

It took me a few days to get the schedule thru Jan 17′ (of what is already planned) Honestly so busy. But excited to just be able to look up and know what’s up. With this Post-it one it’s nice cause I have Billys work schedule on the side in post-it’s. So I won’t have to look up his schedule everyday. This is gonna be sooo nice.

Is it weird that I’m so excited for a calendar/schedule?!? I just need some part of my life organized. Haha….

I do have to do my schedule in pencil. Things change on the daily. Life changes on the daily! Of course there are the things that don’t change and can’t change. But this is life. And life happens.

I’ve always had my lists. My ‘to-dos’ If I don’t have things written down they don’t happen. Well some time. And that goes for everything, days-weeks-months-and so on. And me writing it down makes all the difference. Dunno if it’s my mind holding myself to it or what but it works so…. My mind works the Jessica way. The Jessica way makes no sence… Other than to me. Which I dont even get sometimes. Hahah.I can’t explain have of what I do and why sometimes who knows haha. I am just me. Weird and different but can’t be anything other than me!


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