Second half of Fall Break 

The second half of Fall Break pretty much flew… jam packed even more than the first half. I mean it’s already half way through the next week eeekkkk…. There never is enough time! I really can’t wait til Nov 13 Florida Vaca. I need you! Vaca I need you more than you know! And yes it’ll be here before I know it. Just about a month away WOW!

Anyways Fall Break is over… done… in the past… my first blog about the first half was about M-half Wed. So I’ll pick up from there. 

Wednesday 10/5- We did just drop Coop off at acting. Since William was having seizures (the good thing no seizures since this day –one week– whooo hoo) William and I just had a chill night. Made dinner and no mamma’s date. Really the best not bringing him out with seizure activity. 

Thursday 10/6- Cooper hiked Mt. Rose with Grandpa. The boys and I have only gone the the waterfall before. Billy has gone to the top of course. This was Coops first time. He had a blast. Totally cute. I know cause he did videos and pics. But he did videos until his phone died. He’s doing videos for his YouTube channel. He’s been doing Vlogaween everyday in October. Definitely gonna blog about those too. loved getting a FaceTime from the top. Billys dad (grandpa) didn’t know if Coop would make it to the top but I knew he would. He is as stubborn as Billy. I knew he wouldn’t stop until they reached the top. So he FaceTimed me on the top ‘ yeah just sitting here on he top’ honestly the boy is the cutest! They left the house around 9:3am and got down about 4:30pm stopped at in and out and where home a lil after 6pm. Cause both their phones died just got pics and videos up. But I’m a happy momma fir that. They had fun I’m so glad. They are gonna do a 20k marathon together soon so this was good kinda practice. 10k is 6.3 miles. This Mt. Rose hike was 10ish round trip miles. Up and down s mountain a lil different than a marathon but practice non the less. Hiking not jogging but you get where I’m coming from right?!? I’m just glad they had fun. That’s the main thing. Love my boys spending time with my in laws. They love grandma and grandpa. He definitely slept great this night! 

William is still home and everything. When Billy got home from work I needed to go shopping. I needed to go to the grocery store. Seemed like I hadn’t been in… who knows. Just needed to go. Only thing I wasn’t feeling well at all. Ohh well it was the only time. Because time and me are not friends!!! I kinda have mentioned I have fallen down a hole a deep hole… a coupon hole!!! Yes yes I’m deep!! Haha. I have been doing Ibotta for quite a while now and LOVEEE now have a few other things he I’m stuck! Billy refuses to shop with me. I love it. Love. There are certain things I won’t buy unless I get money back, save money or make money on! It does take a lot of time to get ready to go shopping but trust me it it worth it!!! I saved over $40 on this trip alone. And I wasn’t feeling well at all! I will go into depth later. 

Friday 10/7- Happy happy Friday! Coop…. Coop Coop Coop I feel like day day everything is Coop. Well cause it is this kid is crazy busy! So the day started with him having a fitting at Macy’s for a fashion show he is in Oct 15th. And no surprises they fell in love love with him. What a fun fitting. They had the cloths picked out and ready for him. Always nice when it’s a place that knows what the heck is going on. He’s such a cutie. Look cute in anything. 

After we had to still find some wardrobe items for his outfit for Sunday. He needed. Boots that somewhat looked like cowboy boots and suspenders (which he didn’t end up wearing) We ended up finding both at Savers. 

William even found a Wreck-it-Ralph Prob the best find EVER! He’s like mesmerized. $5.99 well worth it!

Billy was in the corporate challenge of the Scott Safety Firefighter Combat Challenge at the Atlantis. We were there to cheer his team on. It was pretty cool. I will blog the whole ( keep saying I will blog this I will blog that, hopefully I will get all I wanna. No no I will!!! I have it all written down do yes yes I will!) it was a really cool thing Billy was on the HR team. He ended up having to do two parts. Of course of. Purse I gots pics and video. 

And yes it was Friday so Coop had Football practice.

Saturday 10/8- The Fashion Show on the 15th had a few model drop outs. I was asked to fill in some models. Of. Ouse of course I was able to 100% do so. The beautiful Cailean was able to go do her fitting yesterday. Karen needed to today. And wanted me to go with. Of course! Billy and the boys come. Went to Cinnamon, well the 3 boys got Cinnamon I got a pretzel from…, ohhh the pretzel name… ohhh I’m drawing a blank… I guess it doesn’t matter! Anyways, with ModelMeReno and myself I will do anything to help and make my models feel comfortable. So no doubt if a model wants me at a fitting I’ll be there! 

Cooper had another football game 2pm was game time but he needed to be there at 12:30. Good game. Won the game. They are 4-2. Do think they will be loosing the next two but crazier things have happened. If they do loose them both they will be 4-4 and will still make the first round of playoffs. So we can at least plan on 3 more games at least. 

After Coops game Billy took both boys to the Wolf Pack game. And they won as well! Two football games two wins not to shabby. I didn’t go to the Pavk game. Work work work. I have dooo much to do. I am soooo behind!!! Still getting Pretty in Ink done and up. Taking for ever I’m sorry! I’m gonna get this event done I am!! Haha. On top of my other work!! Urghhhh….. I will get everything done I will get everything done I will get everything done!

Sunday 10/9- 8am McQ clean up. Coop needed to meet his team and clean the field after the day before games. I think us parents do most the work but hey…. 

Today was filming day! Destiny!!!! How exciting. What a day this was. 10am in Virginia City filming stated. Cooper didn’t need to be on set til 3pm at Washoe Lake State Park. But It was soo glad we’re in Virginia City for the start of filming. Got to meet the cast, go over lines and just experience the whole thing. Me of course as his mother was freaking out. He had to cry! It was emotional! His father dies in his arms! He wouldn’t go over lines with me leading up. Waters his acting coach said he was great said he’s got this said the part was like made for him! I would ask her how? Why! What? She even said he didn’t even need to practice he’s got this!!! And then on set this kid frickin killed it!! He was soo amazing! I was in awww! WOW! Impressed!!! Completely impressed!! He wowed me he shocked me…. and not only me!! Everyone!!!! He brought tears to everyone on set! This kid is somethin this kids a star! I always say that kind of stuff I know sometimes I am biased but no no he will be something big!! He’s truly amazing!!!! 

So, yeah, the second half of Fall Break! And here it is half way thru the next week. And life had already thrown so much at us but I just have to take what I’m given and keep going… I have to! I had a few break down crying moments yesterday but had to keep going!! I had one day… one 1 that’s it! William when back to school Monday. And Coops been home yesterday and today…. ohh well ohhh welll!! I’ve got to much shit to do!! 

Dear George second chance Screening tonight!


I HAVE to find HMU for Sat. 

Is there a pause button I can press while I finish a few things. Just a few things please please!!!!


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