Florida here I come… in 30 days…

That is right only 30 days til Florida!!! And man-o-man I am soo in need to get away! Needed more than I even know!! I can’t wait!

And 30 days will go by like that! I am so busy and have so many things going on. It’s really gonna be nice having some me time. It’s a business trip for Billy. But for me it’s a vacation! A vacation from life, a vacation from home, a vacation from my kids!!! I love my kids don’t get me wrong. More than anything ever. But geez I really need done me time. I get so excited for my Vegas trip in March and now this Florida trip in Nov. Its just so needed. It’s funny thou cause like only after a day Billy makes fun of me cause I get boo hooy I miss my boys. Sometimes you just gotta be away ya know. 

So yea 30 days 30 days. Nov 13-18 we will be in Orlando Florida. Last year was my first year going. It’s was awesome. It is a business trip for Billy like I said. But a business trip to play video games…. He does more than that of course, I just play the video games. He has to wheel and deal and all that jazz. But it’s fun playing video games, being is sunny Florida, going to business dinners, drinking and drinking and drinking. Ohhh so excited!!!

30 days til ‘my’ vacation! Yippee!!! Sorts shall be my pause button….


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