Love with Food

Love with Food deluxe box.

Love is Wicked is its theme. Super cute. 

I thought this would be cute for Cooper to open with William on his YouTube. William as we all know LOVES Food. Any food all food!! There’s a lot of Autistic kids that only eat certain things, certain types of foods. William just likes food. Yes of course he has his favorites that he could eat everyday all day if u let him. But he will eat just about anything. Just about….

Well, I thought this would be fun. And something different for Coops channel and something to involve his brother.

My normal Unboxings on here I have pics of everything as I open an all. This is a bit different. Since Coop opened everything on his YouTube channel but here we go haha.


I know there were some things I missed and/or didn’t get pictures of for some reason or another. Cooper’s video is linked up above he opened and tried everything. 

There also were coupons, which I am coupon crazy lately!!!! And the boys really liked the awake energy granola bars so hey $1.00 off… yay!!! Then!!! What!!! $100 wine voucher!!! WHAT!!! The box is all worth right?!?! Eeekkk… mmmhhhh wineeee…. 

There are 3 boxes you are able to order:

Snack box- $7.99/monthly              8+snacks

Deluxe box-$16.50/monthly          16-20 snacks

Gluten free box-$19.99/monthly 10-12 snacks

With every box bought meals are donated to the Food Bank. Each month. So far 1,009,167 meals have been donated. With the snack box 1 meal is donated and with the deluxe and gluten free boxes 2 meals are donated each. 

Also when you order the boxes you revive points. 10 for snack and 20 for each deluxe and gluten free. For every 1000 points you get $10 towards any order. That’s pretty neat. 

There is no cancellation fee. Cancel anytime. 

Snack Smart do Good


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