Pretty in Ink IV

I can’t believe we just had the 4th annual Pretty in Ink really WOW!! Crazy to think we have had 4. Always amazing fun events.

This years was October 1st. Yes yes a tad late. But my busy ass life! Eeekkk… I still wanted to get this blog out. 

The first year was at Rise Nightclub. Man I really miss Rise. But with it flooding and all the 2nd, 3rd and now 4th have all been at 5 Star. So happy we have been able to continue on year after year. Fun fun!! I love it because it’s real. Real ppl. Real ppl with beautiful ink beautiful art. I’m a real person so definitely love that I can put in an event for real ppl.

Second year we added guys into the mix. Which is cool because there are a lot of inked guys and no other comps out there for them. And last year first year a guy happened to win. This year he did come and crown our new 2016 Pretty in Ink winner. Every year we do have the past winners come back and judge and vtown the new incoming winner. I like that they are still involved every year and I think they do too. 

This year I had the amazing Karen helping with any/everything. She even took video of the whole thing for Jay. The photographer genius. Without Karen I woulda fallen apart. Thanks love my right hang gal. Billy wasn’t able to come do I needed done one to keep me sane haha. 

My 1-2-3 Jena, Colleen, and Annalyse. 

Thank you ladies. Thank you! There’s always without fail are model noshow/ dropouts or what not. But you three showed up and killed it. Thank you thank you!! 

And Craig who was pulled from the crowd. Saying you had no clue what to do yet spinning on that pole like you’ve done it a time our two… awesome…. 

Annalyse. You were in the first Pretty in Ink and we finally got you back. And we didn’t even have to try to talk you into it ( like I have tried before) you wanted to be apart of this years event. Yayyyy. Really hope you had a great time… hope I won’t have ta talk you into it next year… wink wink πŸ˜‰ 
Colleen Colleen. I love your face hun…. A mermaid are you effing kidding me… I’m kinda pissed I’m not a mermaid I’m kinda pissed I’m not you! Just beautiful just amazing WOW! 2014 I had you judge and I was kicking myself I didn’t have you compete. Last there was no way I wasn’t gonna let you not!! And you got 3rd. This year 2nd moving on up. 

Jena love! 2016 Pretty in Ink. 4th annual Pretty in Ink. Betty Page Old Hollywood Jena Allison. Congrats congrats Jena. Third times a charm. I’m sooo happy for you. Well deserved!!! 

Without you amazing ladies there would have been no show. Thank you lovelys πŸ’œπŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’™πŸ’œ 

Jay…. JTH Mulimedia…. every picture never ceases to amaze me. A thank you is just not even en. One of my favorite photographers of all time. No matter a shoot, photo shoot, family shoot, event, live event, anything! I am lucky to have met you and get to work with you. 

This years host Jed is back from Pretty in Ink 1. You are awesome on the mic. Definitely know what you are doing! I am not one for speaking in front of a crowd. I feel like an idiot. You… it like it comes natural.

Shannon and Michelle…. What can I say…. we truly have more than just a working relationship we are friends! And that means more than you both will ever ever know!!! Thru out this blog when I say ‘we’ I really me ‘us’ it is all a 5 Star and ModelMeReno collab. Without you all really really there wouldn’t be Pretty in Ink. Like at all!!! Fingers are crossed we can continue on and on. We are 4 strong so let’s keep on keepin on. Love you guys. 

This year was the first year I actually had a tattoo haha. Yes yes I put on a tattooed competition and didn’t even have a tattoo. Not even one. Haha. But I’m cool now. I have one… ohhh ohhhh ohhh but I do want more!!! And that was the reason why I hadn’t before. I love pain wayyyy to much. I knew I’d love it. And I was right! Can’t wait til the next and next and and….

Also have pic from the 5 Star camera that the amazingly beautiful Marie took.

Excited to have such great great pictures of such great great ppl. All pictures are uploaded on the ModelMeReno SmugMug.

But here are a few more here.

Enjoy the amazing pictures from the amazing JTH and 5Star camera. Until next year.

Stay Pretty and get Inked!


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