And my car wouldn’t start…

Lovely…. just great!! Not like I have a million things to do or anything! I’ve just had a week!! And everything just seems to just be piling on. I am in a funk and just can’t seem to get out of it! Expecilly when every time I turn around I’m getting crapped on… urghhh….

It’s not even as if everything is bad. There are awesome amazing things going on. I’m just in a crappy funk! I big part is I don’t feel good. But what’s new… I do have a whole blog about that coming. The reason why I don’t go to the doctor…

So yeah yesterday got in my car when the boys got home. Coop had an appointment. And nothing.. not so much nothing because the lights worked the radio worked it just wouldn’t turn over wouldn’t star. A car with a lock thru it was on the board. The booklet said it was the anti thrift something another. I’m not trying to steal my own damn car!! Billy had to come home since Coop head the appointment. But had to go back to work. Coop then had football. Ya know our busy busy life just one thing after another. 

Billy jumped the battery and got it to start. It only while it was being jumped. So today we will have ta get a new battery and hopefully hopefully that will be it. I just have wayyy wayyy to much to do to not have a car! Today alone is a jam packed day. Including driving out to Fernely. Can’t really do that without a car 😡 Spirit, mess, shopping, Fernely, party, Zombie…. urghhhh…. please PLEASE!!!

This on top of everything isn’t helping my mood. And of course William had seizures all night and I woke up to no coffee…. and no car to even go get any… 

Boo frickin boo Jessica….

Okay, Im gonna stop bitchin and get off. With my busy ass day I gotsa go wake up Billy to bring me to do everything. Sadly no sleeping in for him. Sorry babe! You gotsa bring me to do my shit.

Muahhh…. here’s to a better day


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