Guzzle Buddy

You know it, something dealing with wine I NEED to look it up. I NEED to blog about it. I just NEED it! Gosh damn it it’s temporarily out of stock on Amazon WHAT!!

Ohh but no worries you can order it now and they will deliver it when ever it do happens to to get in stock. And I guess a good thing thou is you are only charged when it is shipped. Not like when order something that’s not out yet. And you are charged right at order and it’s shipped when in. I do that with books all the time. Pre order books to have them the day they come out. I need the the day they come out!!! 

Anyways anyways back to the Guzzle Buddy. Love this! Open your bottle of wine, Screw Guzzle Buddy directly into top of bottle, tilt bottle and enjoy! It aerates the wine in its own oversized XLwine glass/bottle. The ultimate wine bottle glass. If you are like me you drink the whole bottle anyways right…. Why take the time to get a glass, pour the wine, dirty the glass. Geez makes perfect science to me… right?!?!

$14.49 on Amazon when in stock that is. This is sooo something I need in my life!

I can’t believe this is actually actually something. I loved I mean LOVED Cougar Town. It was first unveiled in Cougar Town in an informercial.

Plug it and Chug it!


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