Fashion Fever

An Atlantis annual special event where employees and their kids/families model cloths from Macy’s for invited guests/players. The guests receive Macy’s gift cards and prizes. 

The guests get a nice dinner and watch the Fashion Show. Cooper had been signed up to be involved. With Billy being an employee and all. Some employees dropped out last minute and ModelMeReno was asked to fill some models. Two amazing ModelMe models stepped in to cover and killed it!! Elegant and amazing and make ModelMe and myself look great!! 

Then the in house salon was booked. So I just put it up in my ModelMe group and Kendal saved my butt. With only two days til the show and did HMU on about 16+ like it was nothing. 

I am honored to get to get the opportunity to work with such amazing professional ppl. Willing to step in and help me out. I wasn’t my show. I was just the middle man. I can’t thank them all enough. And the Atlantis for trusting in me and ModelMe to bring in Atlantis quality ppl. Thank you all!


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