I slept thru the night…

Billy got home from his convention in Vegas last nite. And I slept…. it was wonderful!!! I so can not sleep when he isn’t here. At least he was only gone two nights. Much better than other times he had been gone like forever. 

He thinks it’s a mixture between me on the wrong side of the bed and watching scary movies. Haha. I always watch scary horror stuff. Can’t be that! Haha. Thru the nights I watched both seasons of MTV Scream. Super good I loved it. I didn’t even know it was make into a series. It was on Netflix. Don’t think I can live without Netflix haha. 

Look at the amazing amazing chips Billy brought home for meeee…. eeek

Aren’t these just the most amazing!! Eeekkk! I lub them sooo much. I lub Billy so much!!! These are awesome and something Marilyn I didn’t have. And now I do. Yippee!! And even with these cute lil stands. Ohh I love them. Thanks thanks baby. 

It really was great to sleep thru the nite last nite. 


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