Yesterday was Nevada Day

Silver States 152nd birthday. 

Nevada Day is a public holiday in the state of Nevada, celebrating the admission of Nevada into the union on October 31st 1864. 

The last Friday every October is now Nevada Day. Nevada Day was always observed on October 31st each year. In 2000 it was changed. The Nevada Legislature decided to celebrate the holiday on a Friday, hoping that a 3-day weekend would generate more interest. Until 2000 Halloween was observed in Carson City, Douglas County, Lyon County, and Storey County on October 30th. So as a kid I sometimes got to trick-or-treat twice. At my dads in Yerington – Lyon County- Oct 30 then at my moms in Reno – Washoe- Oct 31. 

The boys had yesterday off from school. My plan was to carve pumpkins on the rainy rainy Nevada Day. But just felt crappy. So, Cooper played video games. William watched Wreck-it-Ralph over and over and over. Billy slept all day!!! I wish I could sleep all day when I’m sick… but no diest work that way!! Booo!!! 

But today today definitely getting pumpkins and carving. No matter how I feel. Alway a fun experience. Maybe start a fire and just have a fun chill family day!!!


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