Ohhh the weekend….

I hate being sick… I don’t have time to be sick!

Boys had Friday off school for Nevada Day. 3-day weekend. Billy was supposed to have Friday off, but but a meeting was scheduled. I wake him up everyday as I do the boys (unless William hears me.. then he’s up) Billy didn’t get up for the meeting and he actually stayed in bed all day! He was sick! I hate when Billy is sick. He got to stay in bed all day and sleep. I wasn’t feeling great either… but me staying in bed all day and sleeping all day, yeah that doesn’t get to happen!

Cleaning while the boys are home joust isn’t even worth it. No matter what I clean I will turn around and it will be 10 times worse! Anyone with kids can relate, right?!?! Do my house likes like a hurricane went they it. And it will stay that way until… Ohh who knows when.., cause I need the time!

I had Kohl’s and rewards I needed to use or loose. No way I was gonna loose like 50 bucks. So, eeekk on my Kohl’s haul . Not often I get myself stuff.

We didn’t end up going to Coopers1 round playoff football game. They got 6th seed in the playoffs. He wasn’t going to play in the games so… With both Billy and I not feeling good. Just stayed home for this game. It also was all the way at Pyramid Lake. Boo booo only game him missed this season:/ They did loose. Boooo. 

Saturday afternoon the boys and I carved pumpkins. Super fun always… William just stabbed and stabbed his pumpkin all around. It was what he wanted and what he did. Just the cutest. Cooper made his into a scream face. He did pretty good at it too. He sculpted his. Smart lil stinker he is.

At the endish of pumpkins William started having seizures. All night long… and all day Sunday! Seizure after seizure. I couldn’t get them to stop! Most the time lately he’d have a few I’d give him his meds and the flow or stop. Not yesterday! Over 30 seizures thru the night and all day yesterday… when there’s just nothing I can do, can’t make it better it just kills me! And to top it all off it was the worst day I had felt. Billy got to sleep Fri/Sat and felt a bit better. In not able to do that. Do when I do get sick it lasts longer cause I don’t get the rest I need to get better… yesterday was just the longest day ever!!! My poor William :/ Really hoping the stupid insurance gets its ass in gear. Then we can get his next surgery. I just want to do something for him. Something anything to help! I feel worthless on days like this. Days he just seizes over and over. All I can be is just there. 

Just a double whammy of a crap day. Helping William as much as I can and just trying not to feel like garbage.

I’m tired!

Crazy weird I woke up at 3am today! Couldn’t fit the life of me go back to sleep. Coughing and blahhh. So I got up. Didn’t wanna wake up Billy this damn early. The only thing is if William heard me… he is up.  It the good thing is he woke up happy and no seizure activity last night unlike the whole day before and nite before. So hopefully today will be a better day for him. Fingers are crossed for no seizures!

Today is Halloween. The boys do have school. Coop can’t dress up but William can. Hoping tonite won’t be to to cold. Already not feeling good can’t afford to get worse. 

Another bad part about not feeling good and/or William having a rough day is I am now even more behind on shit I gotta get done! So this week no matter how I feel I have sooo much todo! We are in LA next week and Billy and I will be in Florida the following. Eeekk… see just still where’s that damn pause button?!?!

Well, Happy Monday everyone and Happy Halloweenđź‘»


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