Fuller House season 2

Eeeeekkkkk…… December 9th December 9th! Ohhh can’t even express how excited I am!!! I know I know it’s the lil things. I’m a dork. But… eeeekkkk….

I saw the trailer last night for season two. Trailer  I didn’t even know it was coming out so soon. Yayy

And New Kids on the freaking Block… are you kidding me!!! Ohh my goodness ohhh No Donnie thou Booo…. but …..

Loved loved LOVED Full House. It was my favorite show growing up. Loved isn’t even a strong enough word! It WAS my childhood!!

Last years Reno Comic Con Jodi Sweetin was there. Pretty awesome getting to talk to her and all. She was always my fav on the show. I just related some how. And she came to lil ole Reno’s Comic Con. She was so real and seemed hella cool. Just a real person. I have also read her book and she has gone thru some hella lots stuff in her life. Ya know some of the scares of a child actor and going on. But she has over gone soo much and put her life back together. It really was awesome to meet her. The Comic Con was before season one of Fuller House came out. So it was cool to talk about that and she said there was season two already in the books. And  Yippee already next month!

I loved season 1. No it wasn’t just like Full House and no it didn’t ruin Full House. Critics can be awful! It was good I loved it. We’ve already had Full House. This is different yet the same… if that makes any bit of sence… it really brought back good memories of my childhood. Not at all saying this was the only good thing in my childhood but… is everyone’s childhood perfect?!?! Doesn’t everyone have those certain memories that just bring out something good?!? I’ll just leave it at that! It’s just every memory of Full House brings a smile to my face. Fuller House did the same. I watched the whole season the day it came out on Netflix and I plan to do the same with season 2. 

Loved the trailer. Steph’s kissing Jimmy, Kimmie’s brother.

-You never really know who’s gonna walk thru that front door….

Come on I wasn’t the only one like… Michelle 

Even knowing better but come on… wishful thinking haha. 

Well anyways I’m excited to say the least. December 9th. Eeekkk….


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