LA next week

I have my countdown to Florida MY countdown to MY get away. Over looked next week in LA. Yikes… next week as in 2 days from now!! Tue-Fri we will be there. We have scheduled at least one week on LA a month to have Cooper there. 

He needs to be on LA as much as possible for Auditions, to be in front of casting directors, meetings. And any and everything his manager can get him into. Gonna go by fast because Coop will be working. But will be fun.

Man I have sooo much to do before to. I had this blog written out and started Friday and here it is Sunday that I am actually getting it out…. I should just start publishing blobs in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep… anyways I have sooo much to do today and tomorrow before we leave, and as soon as we get back I only have 1 day before Billy and I leave for Florida.. eeekkk…. so much to do on top of the busy schedule already. Yikes. So is life. Busy busy… 

Its nice we have family in the LA area. Staying with family definitely saves s lot of $$. And $$ I just don’t have. Gas and food. All we need to worry about. Stuart will be out of town. Booo. But hopefully will get to see my Lynnsey. At least for dinner or something. Hopefully this will be a good week for Cooper. He will at least be in town for anything that comes up. Then the next trip is the beginning of December I believe. I have it all scheduled. We have a tenitive schedule like I said with at least one week a month in LA. He definitely needs to be in LA for things to happen. It’s not always gonna happen that he walks into a photoshoot and books a movie deal. I mean that happened here in Reno but… let’s have that happen in LA! Yes please yes!  

Well I better get my shit together and this day started. Cooper is meeting a San Francisco agent today. We will see how that goes. 

But lots and lots to do. Which could be contributing to my not being able to sleep huhhh…. no no still today at least blaming daylight saving. 

Have a good Sunday all. Muahhhh


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