Fall Back

This Fall back extra hour of sleep crap is bull shit! It just means I can’t sleep! I’m awake even earlier than normal. And it I get up or make any sort of noise/movement William hears me and he is up as well! Because really any parent with young kids. (Yes William may be 14yrs old but only mentally like 3yrs so I do have a young child still I am raising!) there is no extra sleep, there is no sleeping in, there is nothing but the same! 

Bitch Bitch Bitching geez Jessica see you need to sleep. 

Also isn’t it weird it’s Daylight Saving not Savings. No s. Just sounds weird to say it with out. Haha. I dunno haha maybe it’s just me. 

Maybe I should try try again to go back to sleep. Soooo sooo much to do. And we leave Tuesday. Eeekkkk. I really don’t think that’s helping with my sleep. Stress stress. Ohh well I’ll sleep sometime right?!? Maybe hopefully. 

But but gonna be in nice LA tomorrow and Sunny beautiful Florida in 6 days. I shouldn’t worry I should stress right… yes come on brain listen to yourself!! 

Well I hope someone out there is benefiting from this extra hour of sleep bull. Sadly because I’m not I don’t think Billy is :/ with me tossing and turning and and phone as bright as the sun. Sorry babe…. 


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