Florida on Sunday 

As we are driving home from this week in LA I’m stressing a bit about how much that needs to be done before Billy and I leave for Florida Sunday! Meaning I only have tomorrow to get it all done. Hence the stress mode. We won’t be home til around 6ishtonight. That’s if everything goes smooth. Driving to LA Tuesday took us 10 hours. Normally 8-8 1/2. Construction and traffic and who knows what else was the hold up. Like I said about 6ish we will be home, the dinner and unload the car. You know unpack to repack. I’ll be ready for bed by then! I’m so old… haha… no but when I wake up at 2-3am and with the time change it’s dark at 5pm. I is tired. –oh no and next week with the time difference– urghh.. well flight leaves at 9:30am Sunday. Of course have to be at the airport at least an hr early. So that doesn’t give me much time Sunday to get things done. Only leaves tomorrow.

Billy does work tomorrow. So yeah…

Definitely been looking forward to this Florida trip. NEED some time away. I know I know we’ve been in LA this week. But it wasn’t an away trip. I mean it was but wasn’t. Trust me that makes scence. A work trip for Cooper. That sounds fun and work trip for my 11yr old. And yes Florida is a business trip for Billy but not me!! And unlike this week in LA. I do t have to worry about the boys and getting Coop here and there and all. So for me it’s my get away. And ohh I need it!

It’s exciting that I get the go. Before last year I didn’t. Billy would goon his business trip and I would stay home. Last year was the first year I got to go. I loved it loved it loved it…. I had never even been to Florida before either do it was way cool. Last year we were supposed to get to Orlando a day before the convention. I wanted yo hi to Miami. Never been just wanted to go to the beach in Miami. I say ‘supposed’ because it didn’t quite work out that way. We sat in the airplane in Reno -home- forever. And because of that hour and a   Half delay, We missed our connection flight in Vegas. Our luck the next flight out to Orlando wasn’t until the next morning. Because it was “weather ” related we only got a discounted room rate at at some crazy off the path of Vegas. Eva’s. The cabi from the airport to said hotel said the strip was closed off for a marathon. Soo boo major set back and not even a real Vegas Vegas time. And all knows I LOVE VEGAS. Anyways anyways we got the first flight out that next morning. Billy and I didn’t even get to sit next to each other 😭 So to say the least my first trip to Florida wasn’t off to the best start. Got to Orlando a day later but hot there and just have to best time ever! Even ended up having a beach day. Not Miami but it was awesome!

Vendors dinners are just the best. Best of the best food and drinks are flowing. Man o man I love LOVE. On one of the nights, went to a dinner that was at Sea World. Or was vlosed for the private party we were at. Sea World at night, Roller Coasters at night with drinks and drinks more drinks… ohh did I say drinks!! Such an amazing experience. Something I will never forget. It was soooo awesome!!!

So, this year What’s in store?!?! The weather is nowhere near what it was last year. And our connecting flight is in San Diego not Vegas this year. I think we have had enough bag flights to cover us for a longggg while. We are getting there the day before. Like last year was supposed be. No definite plans on that first day. IAAPA is the video game convention Billy is going to Florida for. Play video games all day. Yes please!! We are staying at Wyndham Orlando. Located on International Drive only 2.3 miles from the convention center. Looks nice with a great pool. Pretty excite. 

Days at the convention, nights vendors dinners. Just can’t wait!!!!

I’ve had my countdown for like ever of course. Did blog the 30 days til. Blogs even have been started for 20 days til and two weeks til. Yet I’d ran out of time…. eeekkk I always run out of times…. And here I am again with no time and only 1 day yo do soooo much!!!

My mom is coming and staying with the boys. So they Wil he home and be able to as much as possible normal. But without me. Which I stress about of course!! But in their own house with their schedule. All will be good all will be good…. Coops self sufficient as much as can be. And can help with William. He’s such a good younger older brother. My father in law will be there off sand on too. He’ll take Voooer to acting and boys to Eolf Pack games and whatever comes up or needs to be, I do need my time. And to get away sometimes. Just a lil time away from Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom Hi… But I know just like always s day or so into the trip I miss them like crazy. I love my boys, I love them more than anything. Life is just hard. We. I thru sooo much. It’s just something I need. It’s just twice s year I get to get out and get away. I am very thankful that I can. That I’m able to. We do a lot of trips and go a lot of places with the boys. 100% more than I did as a kid. I want my kids to grow up knowing that but also knowing it’s okay to have time to you. Time to get out and get away if needed. 

Twice a year and I love it 💜


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