Back to the regularly scheduled life

Yep that’s right back to reality! Back to life as I know it. Last week was nice. Something I really truly needed. I think everyone deserves to get away once and a while. And how crazy, busy and just I don’t even know my life is. It was really nice. To get away and not have to worry about anything and everything really that’s going on. That alone was wonderful!

We got in Friday night. Yes I know that was a few days ago but. I still wasn’t completely caught up with the daylight saving time then Florida was 3 hours a head. The times been killin me. Along with our schedule continuing as soon as we landed. Every bit of spare time I tried to rest/sleep cause we all know how my sleeping is lately… almost nonexistent. But as we landed there was a Wolf Pack basketball game. Billy missed the first half because we weren’t landed. Then there was a screening for both movies Coop was in. That nite. Dear George we def weren’t gonna make because we were still in the air. And Destiny was at 9-9:50 was really really hoping to make that. It was the screening of the trailer and a q&a. But Coop wasn’t feeling well and didn’t go to the game. Stayed with grandma in Cold Springs. Billy had to go get him after and by then it was to late. When we heard about the screening we even looked into changing our flights. Yeah it woulda been like $600 to change to come home earlier. Nope nope!!! All good though all good. 
On the plane Friday I wrote out a few blogs. Gotta fill every bit of time I can get. Within the next few weeks I’ll be blogging all about Florida. Like I said I have a few already written out. It’s how I blog. Weird Jessica way but it’s my way and it works for me. Write it all out –each blog– then type it in. I just am who I am. No need to try and understand the Jessica way it doesn’t make any bit of sence. Haha. 

Orlando is great. Just love it. Really think the boys would, expecilly Coop, love it. Which is crazy hard because I love and NEED my time away. But the whole time with everything we do I’m like Coop would love this and William would love that. I mean we went to frickin Disney World without them!! Yep that’s the kind of parents we are:/ Ohhh the guilt… But man was it fun!!!

Everyone on Facebook was saying it was snowing and cold as hell here in Reno. Yep!! Darn it freezing balls!!! Yeah wasn’t in Florida.  Miss that already. Missed it before we even landed haha. Had to put my sweatshirt on the plane befor landing. Not one time in Florida. Rained a lil on us Monday st Disney but that was it. Last year it rained almost everyday still nice thou. 

Anyways anyways like I said I’ll be blogging about all things Florida. Look forward to those in the next few weeks. I am anyways. 

Now the countdown to Vegas starts. In March. Well Dallas before cause the show moved to Dallas this year –stupid–  but but I’ll still be in Vegas for my birthday!!! More on that to come. ..

Alright gotsa get this day started. And we leave… again… tomorrow to Yerington for Turkey Day. Man haven’t been home much this month at all!!!! Busy busy busy. 

Happy Tuesday all!


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