Ohhh today…..

Ohh today has been a day!

Started soo grand! So frickin…. well as most days… yep it was a morning as most my mornings go. 

But today William was off from the get go. Up at the but crack of dawn ad usually but extremely tired. I thought it was just he was tired! He went to the Wolf Pack game with Billy and grandpa. It was a later game last night. Didn’t even start til 8pm. —-Killed UNLV by the way—- So yeah just thought he was extra tired. 

Cooper didn’t go to the game last night. After his acting class he said he wasn’t feeling to good. Throat and head wasn’t feeling good. Even fell asleep on the way to the game when I was dropping them off. Since William and I had Mommas date while Coop was in class. So yeah he didn’t go to the game. Just came home with me and went to bed. 

Coop woke up this morning feeling and looking worse!!! Of course he couldn’t go to school. He didn’t look good even to me soo. If I would of sent him he woulda go to the nurse and woulda been sent home and couldn’t go tomorrow either. That’s how the school is. Sometimes it’s worth it to keep him home on days even if I think he’s fine. Today was a different story thou he didn’t look good.

 So back to bed he went. There is a rule thou you are home sick no xbox. If  you are to sick for school you are to sick to play video games. Wasn’t an issue today. He slept a good chunk of the day. 

Now back to William.

We had to bring Billy to work this morning. I always drive him to work on Wednesdays. Momma date days. Easier to only have one car and I normally have a cocktail or two or… more. Holy cotton candy lemon drops are effing amazing!!! Anyways anyways Billy had to be to work earlier and I couldn’t bring him because of Williams bus yesterday. So he just left the truck and I dropped them off at the game last night. Easier. 

Anyways anyways on the way back home this morning after dropping Billy off (still was enough time to get back home for Williams bus) William had fallen asleep on the way there. Well on the way home he had a huge seizure. I had to pull over…. 

Got home, he slept a bit then was up and wouldn’t take no school for an answer. He truly truly loves his school. I love that. When the bus came I really was iffy on sending him. But told the bus driver and aid everything. And said I will have my phone. 

No surprises he had a seizure at school. (I shoulda just listened to myself and kept him home. He just misses some much and loves it there so much) He was sitting by the pool. He hasn’t been cleared to swim because of everything going on. Surgeries and all. But was just sitting by the pool during pool time. With Tom an aid in his class that he just loves. I guess was saying he wasn’t okay then started to seize. A pretty big seizure, biggest one he’s had there. Even was throwing up during it. Lasted a few minutes and didn’t wake up after for almost 7mins. I shouldn’t have sent him. I feel horrible I did. 

Picked him up and Coop made the couch all up for him. Even had some rolls made for him. What a great brother. Even when he’s not feeling good he makes sure William is alright. 

Seizures off and on all day today! 

The morning just started off wrong. I didn’t even get my first sip of coffee forever. Then the day just…. got…. ohhh I don’t even know! 

Just a day, and not what I needed. I had things planned and yeah not a one got done. Having both kids home just thru everything off. 

Already got a message that tomorrow is gonna be a 2 hour delay for school. Yikes… isn’t it just a butt load of rain… I dunno. And man I was gonna go by myself to see Darker. Yes by myself cause I have no friends, Billy doesn’t wanna go and has to work ever second of his life!

With Billy working doubles every day of his life…. just sucks!!!! 

Well that day can just me over. Thank you. Just it’s only 6:30pm but good frickin night…..


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