Burger King Adult Meal

First of all ‘Mom doesn’t like Burgee King’ That’s right eww…  I do not at all like Burger King. Not a fast food I like. I’d rather not eat than have Burger King. And William can spot on anywhere. And says ‘Mom doesn’t like Burger King’ at every single o e he sees. I just don’t at all like the taste. Also while in high school there was a BK right next to the school. And a friend worked there. 

Anyways back to why in the hell im even blogging about Burger King. I just saw article after article that yesterday on Valentines Day Burger King was offering a value meal type deal called the Adult Meal. Something sorta like a kids meal of sorts. With something a tad different than a kids meal. Kids meals come with a toy… well the Adult Meal came with a toy as well….. yep it did! It included 2 Whoppers, 2 Fries, 2 Beers, and a romantic adult toy… yep an adult toy. A sex toy!!!! 

Only available in Israel, everyone everywhere else other than Israel sorry you were just out of luck! Only yesterday Valentines Day February 14. Only after 6pm til close. And only to over the age of 18yrs. Well, of course….

I have no words. Haha no words!


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