Hello my blog world 

I hate when I don’t blog for a while and come back and say ‘how I missed it’ how it makes me feel better to blog’ I hate it because it’s all true and I always say it! I always end up having life get in the the way. I always have my blog be put on the back burner. Which sucks because it does make me feel better. Even just to get out my stupid feeling and thoughts. I have my planners. Yes I said ‘planners’ I’ll get into that later.  But the planners are different. At least they have been keeping my mind a lil sane. With how life has been I truly need something to keep me just a lil sane. 

I normally write out a blog before typing it in and blogging. Cause I’m just weird like that. I have so so soooo many blogs written out and that’s just as far as they have gotten. Why who knows. Up until recently. And recently about everyday I’m like I need to blog… then life .., and I didn’t end up blogging. This morning as I’m thinking I need to plan out next week, I am just blogging. Talking to myself around in circles and just feeling a release. I am weird and I know it. My own special kind of weird!

Every time I come back, I say, ‘ ohh I’m gonna stay I’m gonna blog I’m gonna blahh blahh blahh’ I just can’t say that. Trust me I want to I wanna blog. It’s just life seems to happen and my life lately is not something I even wanna be in. I’ve been taking a lot of complete social media breaks. Like completely!! I just can’t do it. Billy is always there and keeps everyone updated if needed. But there are sometimes I just can’t! For me it’s different, for me it’s weird, for me it’s odd. But unless you completely know what I’m going through. Unless you completely are going through something similar you won’t get it. 

When life happens even things you love get put in the back burner!


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