Life is something ya know! This year has been something! To say my life is a roller coaster is an understatement. So much has happened in 2017 yet it flew by faster than anything. In lil over a month 2017 will be done and gone. All I️ can pray really is that 2018 is a tad bit better. Not everything this year has been a crap show hence the roller coaster life, but a big portion yep. And hey a lil over a month to have more piled on! Definitely fingers are crossed fingers are crossed. But with my life you never know!!

My initial intent for blogging was to send a thank you to everyone who sent well wishes, get wells, prayers, love, txt, calls, and even visited while I️ was in the hospital. It was a scary time a horrible time and I️ truly hope to never go they any of it again. Getting better now and hope to be me again soon. So thank you thank you to all who cared enough to even think of me….

Like I️ said my initial intent was just the thank you. And some how it started of with a roller coaster… my roller coaster. The thank you is something I️ really truly needed to do. Means more than anyone can or will ever know! I️ can’t believe ppl even think to wish me well. William of course what that kid has gone through but me. Thank you.

This year I️ have taken a major step back from all social media. Hence why I️ don’t blog as often as I️ want to but I️ don’t do any social media really. I️ just can’t bring myself to do it. I️ want to! I️ really do! I️ really started when William had his first brain surgery this year, yep I️ said First! I️ couldn’t bring myself to even look at my phone let alone get on social and post. And when I️ did pick up my phone ppl were upset and mad that I️ wasn’t answering or whatever. I️ just thought ‘ I’m sorry I’m not making things better for you while my son is getting his head drilled into or cut open or or or….’ I️ just couldn’t. Billy was updating everyone on social and family as much as he could. Maybe that was bad on me I️ had that fall on him but I️ just couldn’t. And now it’s still hard for me. I️ over think what I️ post. So I️ just don’t most the time… I just don’t. I️ really really wanna get back to being me!

Hoping this next month and into next year. More of a steady ride than a roller coaster. There will always be bumps in the road I️ know that. We’ve always had those bumps and keep going. This year has definitely tested with more loops and turns and twists on my roller coaster life. I️ really truly don’t know how but kept going even through it all.


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