19days AND 1day til Vegas

Yes that is right twice this month it Vegas Baby!

So my countdown for my birthday Vegas trip has been going and it’s 19 days. Whooo hooo!! A whole week and yay sooo needed. I didn’t get to go last year. Was kinda in the hospital with my William. So I’ve been sooo excited for this year. I mean I only turn 23… hummm how many times. Yeah yeah my 14th annual 23rd. Whatever! I didn’t have a birthday last year so really have been looking forward to this year. It is a little bit earlier this year Feb 27th- Mar 5th. Only in 19days…. yayyyy!!! And the planning has been in the works.

Now for the second trip that we fly out tomorrow. Yeah!!! We fly there then drive home Saturday in our new car. We are getting a car from some friends. Since my car was declared a total loss. Which just finally got taking care of. Accident was the end of September. But hey. Get to go to Vegas for the night. Okay!!! Friends hooked us up with a room at the Rio. Never have stayed at the Rio before. Always like staying and new places in Vegas. Have my favs of course but me likes staying new. So tomorrow’s trip nothing big planned really. Since it is a last minute trip and only one night and we will be back for my big trip just 18days later haha. But I do wanna check out the pool at the Rio since I’ve never been of course. We are having dinner with friends. And I wanna go to VooDoo. I have been to VooDoo before but it is hella cool and Rio’s not really on the strip. So staying there seems right. Up early (for Billy) 7am and drive home in time for Billy to make the Nevada Basketball game.

Last minute night in Vegas okay!


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