And Billy left….

Yeah that’s right… to Vegas of all places without me! Boooo boooo

Yeah I know he’s only going for work and only today thru Wednesday but come on!!!! Urghh!

I’m not happy can you tell. Hehe. 

He’s there for an eSport conference. I know he’s gonna be busy because he is working the whole time. But I’m still jelly. We all know how much I love Vegas. No worries thou cause I’ll be in Vegas in only 5 months from now. And 5 months will be here before I know it.

I hate when Billy is gone! I can’t sleep. To mean really can’t sleep at all. Not 200% sure why either. We have been together for so long must be why. He’ll only be gone M-W today-Wednesday. Not a long trip so that’s good. I’ll probably be able to get a few extra blogs out. Not so much extra cause I have every blog I know I wanna do on my list. Maybe I can do a blog on how I blog and keep them organized. I’m weird and have a Jessica way. Haha. So pretty much just makes sence to me. But things I have written down actually get done. Like I have talked about before. Just how my brain works. 

Sooo boooo for Billy having to work and double booo for him having to work in Vegas. 

I do hope he has a good time. Just not that good of a time 😉


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