Zombie Crawl 2016

I love the crawls! I do think there are to many sometimes but still way fun. I think the best three are: Superhero, Santa, and Zombie. Zombie is huge. Starting to even get as big as Santa Crawl. Which is the biggest. 

Life’s been so busy crazy lately. We did get to get out for Zombie this past weekend but didn’t make it out til almost 1am. Never have we been this late to a Crawl before never! Happy we even got to go but 1am geez! And ohh wow every bars line was hella soooo hella long. Like hella!! We only went to two places. No way was I gonna wait in lines. Haha. That sounded so diva haha But Sill….

Started at West 2nd. Of course had to see Colleen. Lubs lubs your face love. 

And no surprises 5 Star. Home!!! Never would of if we had to wait in that line! This line was just ridiculous and at 2am no way. But yay for not having to wait it lines!!

No Shannon cause your butts always sick on Zombie. But muahhh muahhh Michelle… 

I was a broken doll. Soo totally cute. I love when I get to do something different. We didn’t have time to do much with Billy he didn’t get home til midnight so yeah… it was kinda like I was his doll and he dropped me. Maked sence. I can see it happening. Haha. 

Then in my Spring Beautycon box I got these 

In Bunnys box. Grav3yardgirl. I was like yay perfect.

Sorta kinda I guess haha. At least for the nite. 

Last year I zipper faced Billy and I 

Two years ago just Zombied it up

Always fun. Just fun to dress up and drink for charity. 


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