Britney Ever After

I love Britney Spears! You know me… you know this. Billy always says in my eyes he can do no wrong. And that if Brits involved I love… no matter what. Which in a lot of cases I agree that’s true… who am I kidding most cases yes yes that’s true. Who am I to try and say different! Just love her!!!

Crazy enough I didn’t even know about this Lifetime biopic Britney Ever after until last Tuesday. Yeah like only 4 days til it aired!! What! And I call myself a fan no no more like Stan. I usually know everything that is Britney Spears. And I knew nothing of Britney Ever after.. At least I didn’t hear about it after it aired. After the fact. I woulda been real ticked at myself. Yes I have been a bit busy and my mind has been elsewhere. Ya know on my family and my sons issues. But still!!!!

Okay, so let’s get into this. My opinion of Britney Ever After. It aired Saturday Feb 18th. Of course I watched it as it aired. Of course! So it’s now been a few days since. And I let it sink in… haha… let me see… did those who put this biopic together know NOTHING about Britney!?! Where did they get their information from?!?! And you coulda at least googled some shit!

To start with Britney didn’t even give her okay to make this about her. She wanted nothing to do with it. How can they even without her blessing?!! And because of her not giving approval they couldn’t use any of her music. Yeah that’s right! What?!? What is a movie about a singer and not able to use that persons music?!?! Are you kidding me! The only music they were able to use were a few covers she had. Stupid! I mean Britney without Britney. Come on now. Her Rebs back in August said that 

‘Britney will not contribute in any way, shape, or form to the Lifetime biopic nor does it have her blessing.’

I can definitely see why!

So, sticking with the not having approval from Britney. You gotta bet they didn’t have Justin Timberlands approval either! They definitely made him out to be… how do I even say… they made him out to be an over jealous, over sexual flat out ASS! Yes of course they most likely had sex come on. But the way they portrayed it… And a sex tape that was stolen, don’t you think someone somehow woulda heard something or it woulda been leaked?!! Yeah… don’t believe it at all. And yes it was always made out that Brit cheated. I mean –Cry me a River– but with her choreographer Wade guy… I dunno new to me! Ohh and the best part. The relationship completely ended with a dance off at a club… yeah sure cause that happens!! What haha wow!

So you couldn’t use Britney’s music in a movie about her… okay.. What was wrong with at least getting iconic outfits right! I guess you’re already wrong might as well go all the way Huhh… Hiw hard would it have been?!! The 2001 American Music Awards both Justin and her were in denim. She wore a full on denim dress not a jumpsuit! 2003 MTV VMAs the Madonna outfit. Wrong! At least they didn’t attempt to butcher Madonna. Her 2007 MTV VMAs outfit– not to mention Justin going to her dressing room before and quoting something. Who told this story?!?! Who who why?!?! Her wig in 2007 was pink! Pink ppl!! Pink. Wouldn’t have been hard to find a pink damn wig that’s all I’m saying. And that’s just naming a few. It’s shouldn’t have been that hard. Iconic things. Iconic!

The casting was much to be desired. Britney wasn’t even close. Justin, I’m not even gonna go there. I will say Larry Rudolph looked spot on. And the parts about Sam Lutifi close.

One of the worst things is how they made Britney be. Helpless, dumb, almost incompetent, obsessing over Justin, which I get s lil come on it’s Judtin frickin Timberlake. But if she cheated… All they had her do was wonder what Justin thought and what Justin saw. She’s not that stupid. A very smart woman actually and they made her out to be just dumb!

I got it was supposed to be based on the Britney: For the Record and everything, but the whole timeline was off. Skipping around to things that happened after others. And whatever. Of course adding their own story. St the end they did put a disclaimer that something’s were made for the story or whatever the words were. They should have said ‘This is our made up story of what we wanted the Britney story to be’ 

Ya know yes I did watch this fully knowing how the other Lifetime biopics went. I watched them as well. Aaliyah, Whitney, Liz Taylor, Anna Nicole…. But it’s Britney! And yes I will watch anything Britney Spears. Sadly if they came out with another I’d watch that too! But I can have my opinion and it seems I’m not really the only one with a similar opinion. And it doesn’t take a complete Britney Crazy fan like myself to know a flat out lie of a movie!


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